Idea about Oklahoma Paternity law

Brief Introduction of Oklahoma Paternity law

Introduction of Oklahoma Paternity law

The Paternity according to the terms of law is a condition in which one is supposed to be father of a child. When a child comes in this world from a married life, it is generally taken as husband is the parent of child. In such case, the responsibilities, care and respect automatically get shifted to the husband.

Disturbances are the part of every relation. If any relation between the married couple is going to an end then Paternity Law of Oklahoma will define and decide the responsibilities of the both parents. The case of divorce includes different decisions related to child like visitation, proper custody and financial aid of child.

In the circumstances if mother of child is not married between 300 days before the birth of child or after 300 days, there is no automatically supposed parent of the child. The separation between a couple that was not married will not come under any kind of processes for the children.

The Oklahoma Law of Paternity states that every parent should file a proper petition in the district court of Oklahoma for addressing the issues related to paternity, child care, visitation and custody.

There is also a safe side for the mothers in the paternity law. A child who was born out of wedlock and automatic father refused to accept his child; mother can go for a case under Oklahoma Paternity Law. You can also go for the support of a child support for approximately five years before maintaining any kind of paternity.

Father is overall responsible for all the health costs, maintenance and other such kinds of issues related to a child. If you are father of a child who was born from marriage and mother has refused being a parent, go and file a case under Oklahoma Paternity law. The child that has come into this world because of marriage relation will remain in the automatic custody of mother till the result of case is not decided.

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